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The start of a new year is a time of new beginnings.  2017 will be an interesting year, even if we do not yet know why.  With that in mind, I encourage you to make a resolution to be more curious.

Two items in particular attracted my curiosity during this Break and I encourage you to check them out.

First, I learned of a BBC podcast on 50 things which made the modern economy.  The nine minute podcast on concrete reveals why its development made a profound difference in people’s lives and the problems that it continues to create.  (The podcast on the shipping container is also pretty good, if you are curious about globalization.)

Second, I learned of a CNN series on real estate around the world.  Given that the world is coming to Canada and there is so much that people in Canada do not know about real estate in other parts of the world, its perspective offers insights which are hard to find elsewhere.

Curiosity is an attitude which needs support and encouragement while presenting a paradox.  Learning something new takes time away from doing the routine things which lead to keeping your job or a promotion.  Yet, over time, routines change because being being curious reveals more effective and productive outcomes.

As people in the the real estate industry know well, lots of important things hide in plain sight.  It takes curiosity to notice what is currently hidden, to see what is really there and to be prepared for the surprises.  Best wishes for the New Year.