Sorry.  I have not been posting many items recently.  Not because real estate has suddenly become boring or because it has become harder to explain the world in 500 words or less, but because I had too many other things to do (especially too many things to write).

Now, classes are ending and my time is becoming freer.  I have thought about various issues and, in the near future, I will post items which discuss

  • International real estate: it is becoming more important and some of our students already know a lot
  • Risk management: do real estate people suffer from finance envy?  What is risk?!
  • Media reports on neighbourhood development
  • A common misconception on property taxes

I may also offer somebody else’s comment on a familiar, and important, industrial location problem: where should Santa’s workshop be located?

Maybe, I should write about time management.  The usual advice is to set priorities and allocate your time accordingly.  Implementing this advice can be more challenging when setting the schedule for others.  This advice may not be as satisfying as the complicated instructions offered by self-help books, but it seems more useful.  It is true that many people do not understand how they spend their time and this podcast has some interesting, relevant and rarely-heard advice: https://www.manager-tools.com/2006/05/time-management https://www.manager-tools.com/2006/05/time-management-part-2-of-2

But, maybe, you should not pay too much attention when I offer advice on this skill.