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Congratulations. Lots of people study marketing or accounting or HR, or other aspects of business in their university degree, but few study real estate. That oversight by others is an opportunity for you since, as August 2012 article in the Globe and Mail stated: “ ‘Real estate … is the biggest thing you never learn in business school,’ said Ted Reilly, a Cushman &Wakefield Canada agent.” (The article completely ignored the program at the University of Guelph and its 20 years; some of our students submitted comments correcting this oversight.)

The next problem, faced by many parents of graduating high school students is that they do not know what questions to ask. So, you might want to read some posts from this blog:

  • Six Big Ideas worth studying for several years
  • What kinds of jobs can you expect?
  • and, most importantly if you suffer from common misconceptions, how broad is the real estate industry? [1] [2]

Since we think that we do a good job in the REH B.Comm. program at the University of Guelph, you might also want to look at our program description for the important skills and topics. All of our junior faculty have won one or more awards for their innovative research and all of our senior faculty have won one or more award for lifetime contributions to the profession.

Good luck with your choice.  It is an interesting time.